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LED Certification 4
A New Age of Enlightenment Has Arrived!
Up to 90% reduction on energy costs
Industry-leading heat dissipation technology
Widest range of industrial, commercial & residential applications
Lighting contributes to about 25% of the average home’s electricity costs. For commercial buildings this number approaches 50%.
In today’s climate of soaring electricity costs finding energy efficient alternatives is no longer solely about adopting environmentally friendly energy solutions, rather, there is a very real financial benefit to doing so.
Light-emitting Diodes or “LEDs” are a semi-conductor light source which rely on electroluminescence (the use of electric current to generate light.) This differs from traditional solutions like incandescent bulbs, which use heat, and Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs), which use chemical reactions.
The benefits of LEDs include:
Reduced energy consumption
Longer lifetime
Greater durability and reliability
No harmful UV light
No poisonous chemicals
Improved robustness
Reduced heat
All of these factors combine to lower both electricity consumption and light-bulb replacement costs, while providing stylish, aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions that have no harmful side-effects.
LED Lighting: Powering a Greener Tomorrow
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