Focussing on state of the art, industry leading LED technology, ALTSA (Alternative Living Technical Solutions for Africa) delivers lighting solutions that improve energy efficiency and reduce running costs with lighting solutions that offer focussed, powerful illumination at a long range. When top performance and versatility matters.

ALTSA specialises in efficient, effective lighting, covering a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. We are your single source solution provider for all your lighting requirements

ALTSA specialized industrial lighting solutions for hazardous environments - Robust designs that provide secured lighting for zones 1 - 3 whilst consistently delivering highest lumen count, and promoting maximum safety.

Transform retail space with innovative, practical and dramatic lighting solutions from ALTSA. Create a compelling retail experience with well-lit, comfortable lighting that offers significant savings on energy costs.

ALTSAemploys more than 150 qualified people and has the capacity for installing more than 1000 light fittings per day in any environment. At ALTSAwe are serious about job creation and to facilitate that, we assemble many of our products locally.

ALTSA is a BEE Level 1 certified company.

Quality and Compliance

ALTSA is ISO 9001 certified and lives by this internationally recognised Quality Management System. Everything we do at ALTSA is measured by quality.

At ALTSA, we are committed to quality, compliance and functional lighting that offers the most efficient lighting solutions. As an ESCo (Energy Savings Company) we are closely aligned with the Eskom programmes. ALTSA is backed by the IDC (Industrial Development Corporation).

ALTSA offers lighting solutions that deliver on high quality aesthetics as well as brilliant luminescence. Creating environments that offer a sense of well-being, comfort and effortless productivity.

ALTSA Lighting Solutions

ALTSA Lighting Solutions follow these 3 steps:


We conduct a thorough on-site inspection of your premises in order to assess your current lighting situation, including which areas require what specific lighting types of illumination.


Following the results of the lighting audit, ALTSA technicians will design an Optimal Lighting Configuration for each application and scenario. Lighting optimisation is done to ensure that you get the best lighting type for your task or job-specific needs.

All our lighting designs are done with the aid of software simulations, thus eliminating the possibility of human-eye error and placing the correct light, where you need it.


Our highly qualified project management teams deliver major lighting projects nationwide, quickly and according to strict project management protocol.

ALTSA also offers full-service maintenance contracts.