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Explosion proof lighting
ALTSA Motion Sensor

Application Areas: Hotels, Factories & Offices Offices, Conference Facilities, Schools / Colleges Commercial Space, Universities, Hospitals

Download our ALTSA Motion Sensor datasheet DATASHEET

The MC601V is an innovative and active motion sensor operating at a system frequency of 5.8GHz. Motion can be detected through plastic, glass and thin non-metal materials. With its enhanced detection zone sensor installation heights of up to 12m are possible. The sensors allow energy saving without compromising comfort. When used in combination with 0-10V dimmable LED drivers, 3-step dimming is be made possible, which is perfect for use in some areas that requires ambient light when no motion is detected. By utilizing the 0-10V interface, the sensors can be coupled with other standalone sensors like daylight harvesting or photocells to further enhance power saving and light control.

  • Automatic Dimming
  • Adjustable Photocell
  • Adjustable Detection Range
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Compact Size

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